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Alexandra Duvivier

Alexandra Duvivier

Winner of the Mandrake d'Or and the first French female artist to fool Penn & Teller in their famous American television show "Fool Us", Dominique Duvivier's daughter has taken up her double challenge: to make a name for herself after her illustrious father and to become a highly respected artist in the particularly masculine world of magic.

Unlike many children who grew up with a talented and famous parent, she was not pushed by her father to follow the same path as him. He never showed her any tricks when she was a child: it was only at the age of 15 that Alexandra started to become, little by little, the worthy heiress of her father's empire.

She has become a favorite artist of the greatest brands for their private events (Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, L'Oréal...), has been a hand double for some of the most famous names at the cinema, she already has no less than 8 ninety minute shows to her credit. She is also a corporate speaker and an instructor for the first ever diploma in magic, recognized by the Ministry of Labour in France…

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