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Bernardo Sedlacek

Bernardo Sedlacek

Bernardo Sedlacek is Brazilian. He is considered to be one of the best magicians in the world. He is known for his incredibly strong magic, his unique style, his creativity (he has created hundreds of new tricks) and his extreme card skills.  

He became interested in magic at an early age. 

He has traveled to more than 20 countries all over the world, mixing with and fooling some of the greatest magicians alive, such as Dani DaOrtiz, Bill Malone, Asi Wind, Lennart Green, and many others… 

He has been invited to nearly all of the most important conventions in the world: 

- Jornadas Cartomagicas de el Escorial: Organized by the one and only Juan Tamariz in Spain every year since 1973 for 50 of the best card magicians in the world. 

- FFFF Convention: The most famous close-up convention, attended by 250 of the best magicians in the world since 1971. 

- Numisminds: Organized yearly in France since 2017. Attended by 40 of the best coin magicians in the world. 

- Jornadas Magicas 

- Buffalo 52 

He has participated as a performer, lecturer and sometimes jury member at conventions such as FISM LA, FISM WCM, SAM, The Session, Magifest and many others. 

Some of his awards: 

- Breakthrough Magician – CBI (The prize has previously been awarded to only two other magicians). 

- Guiness World Record Holder 2015 

- First Prize in Magic Knowledge Competition - MIR 

- Twice awarded Magician of the Month – IMS 

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