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Eddy Taytelbaum

Eddy Taytelbaum

Eddy Taytelbaum (1925-2019) was a Dutch close-up magician and creator of magic effects.   

Like many, his interest in magic went back to his childhood. His artistic and craft skills served him well over the years, as he was in turn an architectural draftsman, sign painter, carpenter and bookbinder. 

During his career, he won many FISM awards (in 1955: 1st in close-up and 3rd in card magic. In 1958: 1st in card magic. And in 1961: 3rd in card magic). 

He was good friends with some of the greatest magicians of his time, including the legendary Fred Kaps, and was highly respected by them.  


Eddy Taytelbaum was a "master magician", whether it was coin tricks, card tricks or any other tricks.  

Ascanio’s famous trick with a small deck of cards was, in fact, Eddy's. 

The Flipper Coin, which Bob Swadling sold as his invention, was originally Eddy's idea. 

Piet Forton's famous "Pop-out Move" was based on an idea by Eddy. 

The "Taytelbaum Count" is his own version of the "Flushtration Count".  

He also wrote articles for magazines such as Triks, The Magician, Genii, The Gen and Die Magie.  


Eddy Taytelbaum was considered by his peers to be one of the great magicians and creators of magic effects.  

Eddy was known for his beautiful handmade close-up creations because he put a lot of himself into every piece he manufactured.  

Thanks to his immense talent and know-how, he created true works of art. These pieces are highly prized around the world, especially by collectors due to their rarity. 

He also made larger objects, such as beautiful Dice Boxes.  

Eddy Taytelbaum was also passionate about the miniaturization of books. He reproduced several of them, like Bobo’s book for example, even including the binding! 

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