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Ernest Pancrazi

Ernest Pancrazi

Ernest Pancrazi was one of the greatest French card magicians of the post-war period in the fifties. 

He was a teacher of German and mathematics in a private high school in Paris.  

His passion was magic. He was certainly the best French card magician of his generation. He created a number of quite exceptional card tricks. 

A perfectionist to the extreme, he was the one who gave modern close-up magic in France its first success and allowed us to play in the big league from the beginning of the 1960s. 

He was president of the AFAP (French Association of Magicians), which today has become the FFAP (French Federation of Magicians). 

His magician friends? Fred Kaps, Keith Clark, Channing Pollock, Rezvani... no less! 

Ernest Pancrazi was one of Dominique Duvivier's first mentors; he became one of his close friends.  

Dominique Duvivier: "It was his exacting nature which helped me to constantly better myself. I owe him a lot." 

And Ernest Pancrazi wrote about Dominique Duvivier : « My friend, the greatest card magician I’ve known. » 

Discover the magic of Ernest Pancrazi. You will take extreme pleasure in it. 

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