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Henry Evans

Henry Evans

Henry Evans is Argentinean. He took his first steps in magic at the age of 11 when he entered a school of magic. He graduated 4 years later, continued his learning through books and videos, and then decided to attend a magic convention in San Pablo, Brazil. It is there that he understands the importance of attending all possible magic events, in order to learn from the great masters...

At the time, his artistic name was Hernán, his real name. In 1990, his friend, Mariano Colosimo, suggests that his name be changed to "Henry Evans", in reference to two film artists: Henry for "Henry Ford" and Evans for "Linda Evans". Henry liked the idea very much and it was adopted!

Little by little, his artistic personality is forming and his priorities are asserting themselves: he likes to create new things. He sets a goal to imagine at least one different magic trick every week! In 2000, he received the 1st place at the World Magic Championships, as well as the prize of Magician of the Year in Argentina. Since then, his career has been launched: he travels the world all year round, sometimes as a speaker, sometimes as a performer on stage.

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