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Jean Luc Bertrand

Jean Luc Bertrand

Jean Luc Bertrand has a dynamic and ultra interactive magic, he likes to take risks on stage as in close up, his reputation "to play without net" is recognized by his peers so much his effects are often realized without any back up...

As incisive as tender through a magic is very personalized, very close to the public. Jean Luc shuffles the stand up to baffling effects. A very roundabout approach, a magic often indirect where the spectator never feels the end coming.... His tricks often start several minutes before his audience realizes it.

In the magic industry Jean Luc Bertrand is the creator of Best Sellers David Stone - Michael Chatelain - The French Twins - Nestor Hato but also brought his own work to light through Blinking Effect, the JLB Finger Flasher as well as the creation of Deck of Cards, the JLB Deck the first connected deck in the world.

A complete artist, Jean Luc reveals himself in parallel on the stage. His first coin "Magicien(s) tout est écrit" has been played for more than 10 years... In 2017 he went back on stage with MAGIC BOX, elected Best Magic Show of the Year by the FFAP.

In the fall of 2021, Jean Luc Bertrand will return to the stage with his two new theatrical creations: Second Chance which will be performed at the Double Fond and MagicBox2.

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