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Jean-Pierre Crispon

Jean-Pierre Crispon

Jean-Pierre Crispon is a French magician, one of the main pillars of the Double Fond. He was already there on the first day of the opening of our theater!

His skills and his culture in almost all fields of magic are impressive: he is not only one of the best experts in the magic of plays in France but also a great specialist in magic for children, handling cards, ropes, balls... everything!

A magic teacher very well known for his great teaching qualities, he is one of the teachers of the Double Fond school, within the framework of the 1st diploma of Magician recognized by the Ministry of Labour in France.

He is also the author of reference videos on the magical production of cigarettes and cards, coin techniques and topit, of which he invented a new concept.

Jean-Pierre Crispon, who is also friendly nicknamed "The Dwarf" or "JP", passionately loves his job and you can feel it. He loves to share his knowledge with his fellow magicians as much as he loves to perform in shows at the Double Fond.

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