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Lubor Fiedler

Lubor Fiedler

Lubor Fiedler (1933-2014) was born in Czechoslovakia.  

He became interested in magic at the age of 8, following a gift from one of his uncles.  

He first worked as a chemical engineer and practiced magic as an amateur. 

It was in 1967, when he moved to Austria, that he became a professional magician.  

His incredible inventiveness and prodigious creativity made him a major player in the world of magic. He sold his tricks by mail order. 

He was one of the most prolific creators in the world of magic. One of the particularities of his creations is that the methods are quite simply as magical as the effects themselves! 

He was the originator of more than ten or so wonders marketed by the famous Japanese firm Tenyo: "Coin and Glass" (T-33, 1964), "Parabox (T-161, 1993), "Invisible Zone" (T-172, 1995), "Krazy Keys" (T-178, 1996), "Impossible Pen" (T-183, 1997), "Anti-gravity Rock" (T-186, 1998), "Phantom Clock" (1999), "Blue Crystal" (T-198, 2000), Lubor's Ashtray" (2002), "4D Surprize" (T-243, 2010), "The Third Eye" (T-250, 2011), "Flying Carpet" (T-251, 2011), "Card Surgery" (T-255, 2012), "Ghost Card" (T-258, 2013), "Security Lock" (T-260, 2014). 

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