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Michel Huot

Michel Huot

Michel Huot first became interested in magic at the age of 23. He quickly became a professional and one of the busiest corporate magicians in Montreal over the last 20 years.

He has more than one string to his bow: consultant (for magicians, actors, circus acts...), lecturer, performer, inventor...

His creations have been published in Magic Magazine, Genii, David Acer's Natural Selections II, Switch (John Lovick), Mentalism for Kids (Paul Rohmany), The Magic Menu (Jim Sisti), and others...

He has also participated in the prestigious FFFF convention (Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic Convention) for over 20 years.

He's the creator of some of the biggest bestsellers of recent years, with Socks and Priceless, as well as several other original creations that are proving to be real workers (Nostalgia, Dirty Pool, Visa-Versa, Cardvertisement, etc.).

But beyond all that, Michel is above all an approachable person with an infectious charisma.

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