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Patrick Page

Patrick Page

Patrick Page (March 17, 1929 – February 11, 2010) was a stage magician born in Scotland.


He became interested in magic after reading a Will Goldston book he bought in a second-hand book shop. He became a professional magician at the age of 26 and worked at Davenport's magic shop for fifteen years.


He appeared in, or consulted on, a number of films and television shows. He appeared on The Paul Daniels Magic Show and was an uncredited consultant for the film Casino Royale. He worked as an advisor for many magicians, including Wayne Dobson, Derren Brown, Simon Drake... On his death Jack Delvin, president of The Magic Circle described him as the "magician's magician".


Patrick Page is known for his work on numerous magic tricks, including the Topit, Easy Money (blank pieces of paper turn into paper money), The Miser's Dream, The Kitson Miracle, the Paper Bag Flick Gag... Many of his routines are used by professional magicians including Doug Henning, Fred Kaps and Rafael Benatar. There are few magicians who do not have at least one trick in their repertoire invented by Patrick Page, or who are not using at least one of his techniques.


In addition to inventing magic tricks, he published many books and DVDs.

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