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Richard Kaufman

Richard Kaufman

Richard J. Kaufman is an American magician, born in New York on May 16, 1958. 

He became interested in magic at the age of 5, after receiving several magic books. 

He began spending his time in New York magic stores (Lou Tannen’s Magic Shop and Circle Magic run by Mike Tannen). 

By the age of 14, he had already created several magic effects; at 16, he illustrated his first magic book. He went on to illustrate several more until 1994.  

He then went into publishing, self-publishing his first two books, before teaming up with Alan C. Greenberg to form Kaufman & Greenberg. 

Over the next 20 years, he published a large number of books (more than 120, some of which have become standards in the world of magic).  


His awards: 

- Milbourne Christopher Award (1995).  

- Literary Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts (1998)  

- J.N. Maskelyne Award from the Magic Circle (2001) 

- Honorary life member of the Society of American Magicians 

- President's citation from the International Brotherhood of Magicians  

- The Allan Slaight Award for “Sharing Secrets” (2016) 

- The Allan Slaight Award for “Sharing Secrets” (2019) 

- The History, Research & Scholarship Award from FISM (2022). 


In 1998, Kaufman & Company bought "Genii" magazine. Richard became editor-in-chief and president of "Genii", with both print and digital development. 

A highly sought-after author of magic books, he writes for some of the world's greatest magicians, including David Copperfield (The Project Magic Handbook) and Criss Angel (Mindfreaks). 


His forthcoming books: 

- Greater Magic (New Edition) 

- Mr. Jennings Takes It Tough 

- Cliff Green's Professional Card Magic 


Richard Kaufman now lives in Washington DC with his wife and daughter. 

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