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Sylvain Latour

Sylvain Latour

Sylvain Latour is a French magician. Let’s hear from him: “When I'm sitting at my desk with a deck of cards in my hand, I have this quote in front of me looking at me: "Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can do anything." Come discover my "anything"!

At a time when everything has to be perfect, everything has to go fast, everything has to be controlled, I have to make you want to look at me. But I don't control that at all, so the best thing to do is to come and see me without wasting time!

A few months ago, Dominique asked me if I wanted to participate in the streaming platform project. At that moment I thought: "What do you mean? Me? Dominique Duvivier asked me that "? Here we go, it's for you.”

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