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Viktor Vincent

Viktor Vincent

The most famous French mentalist! After a degree in film directing, Viktor began to perform in the theater and uses mentalism to tell stories. He likes to create strong atmospheres that leave room for storytelling, he likes to tell and enjoys mixing big and small stories that we find in his 3 shows "Emprise", "Les liens invisibles" and "Mental circus".

"Viktor Vincent" is an assumed name chosen by his late mentor, as was done in the 19th century. Add to this his old-fashioned moustache and his British suits and you will have an idea of his personality: Viktor likes dust on things and if he is very curious about the future, he respects the past which fascinates him just as much. Note that respect for the public is one of his trademarks and this is always much appreciated.

Viktor received in 2015 a Golden Mandrake, a distinction awarded to the greatest international illusionists.

In 2018, TF1 (first french channel TV) devoted to him a prime "Mentalists in the head of the stars" in which he baffles the stars around experiments that he scripted. He is also the recurring guest on the show "Pas de ça entre nous" in the second half of the evening on TF1. Since 2018, he also embodies the specialty of mentalism in the show "Diversion" that you will soon find on TF1.

Viktor is also the author of the books " Les secrets du mentaliste ", " Les clefs de la manipulation ", " Les carnets du mentaliste " and he has just published his first novel.

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