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Yves Doumergue

Yves Doumergue

Yves Doumergue is a French magician, born in 1976. After training as an engineer, he chose... magic. He was well educated, having learned from Dominique Duvivier.

Since then he has lived in two worlds:

As a performer, he is a magician who specializes in close up magic and in particular is one of the members of the crazy duo "Zack and Stan", which you may have seen on television in "France’s Got Talent", "Diversion"...

Behind the scenes, his colleagues call upon his services as a consultant to design and create new illusions. He has worked for David Blaine (USA), Lu Chen (China), Chris Angel (USA), Dynamo (England) and collaborates with Eric Antoine (a star in France): he has been creating and co-writing the magic for his television shows since 2015... He also gives lectures and teaches courses on "New Magic" at the National Center for Circus Arts in France.

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